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Inclined Screw Conveyor

Inclined Screw Conveyor

We supply high quality inclined screw conveyors. We devoted ourselves to granule conveyors industry many years,covering most of Europe, America, Africa and Asia market. We are expecting become your long team partner in China.
Brand Name: JINBAO
Item NO.:JB Series Inclined Screw Conveyor
Material: Sainless Steel
Min Order: 1 Set
Shipping Port: Shanghai Port
Lead Time: 30 Days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Inclined screw conveyors are used to convey and elevate bulk materials from one level to another. Depending upon the bulk material and the objective, proper design and construction of an inclined screw conveyor will provide many years of uninterrupted service and productivity. 

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Design of Inclined Screw Conveyor
When designing an inclined screw conveyor, it is important to understand how the construction features affect the flowrate or conveying capacity. Selecting the proper trough type and screw pitch will greatly increase the conveying efficiency.
Two types of troughs are typically used with inclined screw conveyors: U-trough and tubular housing. The U-trough design is simple, economical, and provides access for maintenance. U-troughs are used in most horizontal screw conveyor applications and inclined applications up to about 20 degrees. As the degree of incline increases, U-troughs become inefficient because bulk materials will fall back over the top of the screw flights in the open area of the U-trough. Tubular housings are used in most inclined screw conveyor applications above 20 degrees. Conveying efficiency is greatly improved because bulk materials are contained within the tubular housing and fall back is reduced.
Proper selection of screw pitch is also very important for successful inclined screw conveyor operation. Screw pitch is the measurement from the tip of one flight to the tip of the next. Full pitch screws have a measured pitch equal to the outside diameter of the screw. We have developed standard pitches for screw conveyors: full pitch, short (2/3) pitch, and half (1/2) pitch. Full pitch screws are typically used in horizontal screw conveyors because there is no loss in conveying efficiency. As a screw conveyor is inclined, a full pitch screw will lose efficiency due to the angle of the flight.

Inclined Screw Conveyors

Applications for Inclined Screw Conveyors
Inclined screw conveyors solve the basic need for conveying bulk materials a specific distance while elevating it. Because of equipment stack up, inclined screw conveyors are needed to create the optimum plant layout and reduce the number of pieces of equipment in the process flow. Typical applications for inclined screw conveyors include receiving bulk materials from a screener and transferring it to a bucket elevator or as part of a bulk bag discharge system. There are thousands of successful applications for inclined screw conveyors currently in use today. 

Technical Parameter

SpeedInverterPipe DiameterPowerWeightHopper Volume
JB-33 m3/h20-140Selectφ1140.77W130kg200L
JB-55 m3/h20-140Selectφ1411.57KW170kg200L
JB-66 m3/h20-140Selectφ1592.26KW200kg200L
JB-88 m3/h20-140SelectΦ1683.06KW220kg200L
JB-1012 m3/h20-140SelectΦ2194.06KW270kg200L

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