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Advantages and composition requirements ofinclined screw conveyor
Dec 05, 2018

Theinclined screw conveyor adopts the embedded tongue type when the screw shaft and the suspension bearing, the head and the tail shaft are connected during operation, and the installation and disassembly do not require axial movement, and the maintenance is convenient. The mandrel is long, has less hanging, and has fewer failure points. Theinclined screw conveyor mainly adopts a variable diameter structure to increase the volume of the hanging bearing to avoid contact between the hanging bearing and the material, and the life of the hanging bearing can reach more than two years.


Each transmission part of theinclined screw conveyor adopts a floating connection mode, and the suspension bearing is a universal joint structure, so that the spiral body, the suspension bearing and the tail assembly form an integral spiral floating body, and the transmission resistance can be controlled within a certain range. Free rotation to avoid, no jamming, no blocking.

Advantages of tilting screw conveyor

1. Sealed working condition to prevent dust from flying and improve working environment.

2. Simple structure, small size and compact.

3. There are several feeding and discharging ports at the same time, the process arrangement is flexible, and only one door can be opened during work.

4. Operational safety.

5. The material conveying direction is reversible, and the material can be conveyed in two directions at the same time.

6. Complete the process of material transportation and mixing, mixing, loosening, heating and cooling.

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