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Advantages and design requirements of rice crusher machine
Nov 21, 2018

The material of the rice crusher machine is fed into the pulverizing chamber by the hopper through the screw conveyor, and is crushed, sheared and ground between the high-speed rotating blade (needle bar) and the fixed ring gear, and the powder is discharged through the screen. The particle size is obtained by replacing screens of different pore sizes.

The rice shredder is mainly composed of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box. It is mainly used for crushing medium and low hardness materials such as chemicals, dyes, additives, feed, food, medicine, and non-metallic minerals. Processing, with high output, fine particle size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, easy installation, etc., especially suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food crushing processing.

To a certain extent, the rice crusher machine is designed according to the international advanced pulverization technology. The structure of the whole equipment is novel and reasonable, simple and compact, small in size, high in efficiency, beautiful in appearance, easy to replace the wearable parts, and accurately select the gap between the rotor and the stator. The speed of the outer end of the rotor makes the pulverization process in an optimal state.

The rice pulverizer has a large discharge space. During the operation, the rotor rotates at a high speed and brings in a large amount of air. The bearing system adopts high-speed precision bearings imported from abroad, and the rotor is dynamically balanced to make the whole machine run smoothly, with low vibration and low noise. The pipe connection adopts a quick-disconnect structure, which can be disassembled and cleaned quickly and conveniently.

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