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Advantages and system control of ultra fine grinding equipment
Nov 19, 2018

The use of ultra fine grinding equipment has the advantages of high processing precision and wide range of processing materials, which improves the level of grinding technology when used, and ensures the precision of grinding and processing quality to a certain extent. It also significantly reduces processing costs, improves processing efficiency, and further makes the grinding technology more practical, which is conducive to the promotion and application of grinding technology, promotes the progress of China's precision processing technology and advanced manufacturing technology, and enhances China's competitive strength in the field of processing and manufacturing.

The superfine grinding equipment is mainly controlled by a stepless speed regulation system to some extent, and the grinding speed suitable for grinding various components can be easily adjusted. The pressure control of the whole equipment can control the pressure device independently to a certain extent, and the lower plate is provided with a descending function to effectively prevent the crushing of the crispy workpiece.

The ultra-fine grinding equipment can pass a time relay and a grinding counter to a certain extent, and can accurately set and control the grinding time and the number of grinding times according to the processing requirements, and the working time can adjust the pressure mode to achieve the grinding setting time or At the lap time, the alarm prompt will be automatically stopped to achieve semi-automatic operation.

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