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Anti-static granulator method
Jan 16, 2018

First, the granulator must be checked before using the electrostatic grounding of the granulator fastened intact, otherwise not wet grinding powder operation;

Second, the use of a single wet granulation granulator, the wet barrel by barrel from the centrifuge transported to the milling room, a bucket of polished barrels sent to avoid the concentration of particles caused by the concentration of high concentrations of space acetone;

Third, the use of granulator when the staff can mask, laundry gloves, wearing anti-static underwear and leading static shoes;

Fourth, the use of granulator is prohibited from time to time to use wet powder hammer, stainless steel barrel bump granulator silo, to avoid electrostatic spark;

Fifth, look at the granulator next to the mill before the temperature hygrometer to confirm the humidity above 50%, such as the space humidity below 50% must be used to position the watering can humidifier until the space humidity reaches 50% or more and then use the granulator operation, Otherwise granulation granulation operation may not be carried out.

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