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Application areas and mixing requirements of chemical powder mixing machine
Nov 02, 2018

The chemical powder mixing machine is suitable for the mixing of powder or granular materials in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, ceramic, metallurgical and other industries. Chemical powder mixers have their own different characteristics and uses. From the perspective of mixing effect, the three-dimensional and double-cone mixing effect is the best, but the price is more expensive, each time the loading is less, the V-type mixer is second, and the price is moderate. The two-dimensional mixer can hold a lot of materials. However, the mixing effect is somewhat lacking compared to the previous one, but in some places that do not need fine mixing, the effect can still be achieved.

The mixing barrel of the chemical powder mixer has a unique structure and high uniform mixing efficiency. It does not accumulate materials during use. The structure of the machine is simple in operation, easy to operate and the outer surface and material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel. Beautiful in appearance, easy to maintain and clean. One end of the machine is equipped with a motor and a reducer. The motor power is transmitted to the reducer through the belt, and the reducer is transmitted to the V-bucket through the United States. The V-shaped barrel is continuously operated to drive the materials in the barrel to be mixed up, down, left and right in the barrel.

The chemical powder mixer means that the drum can simultaneously move the mixer in two directions. The two movement directions are the rotation of the drum respectively, and the drum will be mixed with the mixture during the operation with the swing of the swing frame. With the rotation, turning and mixing of the drum, the mixing movement of the left and right back and forth occurs with the swing of the drum. Under the joint action of these two movements, the material is fully mixed in a short time.

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