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Application of industrial ribbon blender
May 15, 2018

Industrial ribbon blender is a kind of stirring device specially prepared for medium and high viscosity thick slurry. It is not because it has the advantages of large stirring intensity, small energy consumption, no dead angle of mixing, easy operation, movable lifting, etc. Many users of all ages.


In addition, industrial ribbon blenders also exhibit water resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and explosion-proof characteristics during use. They can work in humid, high-temperature, high-dust, and other harsh environments, and are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, and food processing. Other industries, operating in laminar flow, are suitable for fluid mixing with high viscosity and pseudoplasticity.


In fact, the industrial ribbon mixer is an axial flow type stirring device. Generally, the material spirally rises along the wall of the container, and then converges to the central pocket, forming a form of convection circulation. Due to its strong anti-adhesion effect, it is easy to mix high-viscosity or powdery materials.


When designing or selecting an industrial ribbon blender, the ribbon form and number of strips should be determined based on the geometry of the container and the height of the liquid layer. The single ribbon type and double ribbon type agitators are generally used for flat bottom or oval bottom containers, agitating devices, and taper single ribbon type; conical double ribbon type agitators are used for 90 degree cone bottom containers.


When using the industrial ribbon blender for the first time, it is necessary to check the instrument specifications with the accessories of the instrument, such as the stirrer, the power cord, etc., and then adjust the speed to adjust the speed gradually. To high speed, try not to directly start high gear, so as to avoid the stirrers out of synch, causing bouncing;


If the industrial ribbon mixer does not stir, it cannot be heated. At the same time, the power supply must be turned off when not in use. If the stirrer is found to be beating or not stirring, check if the beaker is stable and the position is correct. Can be connected to the ground to ensure its safety.


As a stirring and mixing device, the industrial ribbon mixer has not only a novel design, advanced manufacturing technology, but also a large output of low-speed running torque and good continuous use performance. Its drive motor adopts a series-excited micro-motor with large power and compact structure, which is safe and reliable; the operation state control adopts a digitally-controlled touchless stepless governor, and the speed is convenient; the digital display shows the running speed state, and the collected data is correct. The guarantee of security and stability.

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