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Application range and discharge method of stainless Steel Ribbon Mixer
Dec 07, 2018

Stainless steel ribbon mixer can now be used in many different fields, and it has a lot of unique structural characteristics and ways of discharging, let us to understand it from a number of aspects.

First, the stainless steel ribbon mixer can be used in the field of pesticides, in the field of food, and in related fields such as biology and aquaculture. It can be applied in many fields. Second, the structure features of stainless steel ribbon mixer are mainly composed of U-shaped containers,ribbon stirring blades, transmission components, and so on. Through these different components, the speed of materials can be more uniform in the process of mixing. It can also improve the uniformity of the mixture.

Third, when processing and discharging some powder materials, the stainless steel ribbon mixer often adopts the structure of starting and opening the door. For those high-fineness or semi-fluid materials, manual butterfly valves are often used, and some heating or cooling equipment can be added to its discharge.


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