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Characteristics and maintenance costs of small centrifugal blowers
Oct 25, 2018

The small centrifugal blower has a large cooling capacity, and its volume is small and the floor space is small when the cooling capacity is the same. The weight of the whole equipment is 5-8 times lighter than that of the piston type. Because it does not have vulnerable parts such as steam valve piston rings and no crank linkage mechanism, it is reliable in operation, stable in operation, low in noise, simple in operation, and low in maintenance cost.

The small centrifugal blower has no friction between the working wheel and the casing, and the entire equipment does not need to be lubricated, so the refrigerant vapor and the lubricating oil are not in contact, thereby improving the heat transfer performance of the evaporator and the condenser. The cooling capacity can be adjusted economically and conveniently, and the range of adjustment is large.

Small centrifugal blowers are suitable for use with relatively large molecular weight refrigerants, so they are only suitable for large cooling capacity, generally above 25 to 300,000 kcal/hr. If the cooling capacity is too small, the flow rate is required to be small, and the flow path is narrow, so that the flow resistance is large and the efficiency is low. However, in recent years, after continuous improvement, centrifugal refrigeration compressors for air conditioners can reduce the cooling capacity of single units to as small as 100,000 kcal/hour.

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