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Characteristics of powder grinder mill and measures to maintain normal stability
Jun 02, 2018

Powder grinder mill are widely used in the grinding of various materials. If they are differentiated according to the principle of milling, they are mainly divided into two categories: turbine-type powder mills and disc-type powder mills; The methods are divided into normal-temperature powder mills and cryogenic powder mills. The diverse classification makes the application range of the products further expanded.


The working part of the powder grinder mill consists of a high-speed rotating disc and a fixed disc. The unique structure and working methods make the material pass through the equipment for a short time and generate less heat; and the disc gap can be adjusted to facilitate the control of the discharge. Fineness; In addition it also has the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, easy operation and so on.


When operating the powder mill, first of all, be careful not to work under the maximum load that the machine can withstand. Use the machine as much as you can. To ensure that the mechanical load is uniformly added or subtracted, the machine is placed in a relatively gentle load change. Specifically, it is necessary to add or subtract materials more uniformly, and it is absolutely impossible to overload the material to prevent the motor and work equipment from moving up and down.


Second, we must also ensure that the powder grinder mill is properly lubricated. For this reason, lubricants should be selected rationally. The type of lubricant should be selected according to the type of machine and the application structure. The appropriate quality group should be selected according to the requirements of the machine, and the appropriate quality grade should be selected according to the requirements of the machine. Choose the right lubricant grade for the working environment and different seasons.


Powder mills require regular maintenance during use, and various types of maintenance must be performed as required to keep abreast of the operation of the machine; in addition, the organization and management personnel and operators who work as powder mills need to be meticulous. To maintain the machinery, we must do regular and irregular maintenance properly and reasonably, keep the machinery clean and clean, and regularly check the mechanical state of the machinery.

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