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Chemical swing granulator machine use range and operation requirements
Jan 07, 2019

The Chemical swing granulator machine is a rocking action of a rotating drum when it is used, mainly through the wire sieve to grind the wet powder raw material into granules, and can also be widely used as a pulverized piece to become ready-made. For the use of particles.

The Chemical swing granulator machine is used as a wet-mixed powder in the form of chemicals, and after drying, it is used to compress tablets, and it is possible to pulverize the blocks which are agglomerated during storage or agglomerated during chemical processing. It is used in the food industry to treat confectionery and sugar blends and malt milk, and other industries such as ceramics, plastics and other materials into shaped pellets.

Chemical rocking granulators are not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear to some extent.

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