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Chilli grinder machine works and installation steps
Mar 03, 2018

Pepper grinder is a practical production equipment that can help people to reduce the difficulty of pepper processing, at the same time can improve work efficiency. By using pepper grinders, one can achieve the requirement to grind pepper into a powdery material.


The first part, about chili grinder working principle:


In actual production, the peppers are usually crushed first, and after reaching the set size, the chunks are sent to the storage hopper by a belt conveyor, and then the chili scraps are uniformly and continuously fed by the screw feeder Chili grinder host mill room, due to the different speeds of the two rollers to produce relative movement to form squeeze and peel force pepper mill into powder. The chunks of mixed powder formed after the grinding of chilli pieces are sucked by the fan to enter the duster.


Next, the pepper powder mixes into the sorting process. One of the larger size of the pepper particles through the screw feeder back into the chilli grinder machine host mill chamber, while the qualified powder with the air into the finished product set powder, the powder tube discharge, is the finished product. In the grinding chamber of the mill, there is a certain amount of moisture in the ground chili pieces, heat generated when grinding and water vapor evaporated, and the pipe joints of the whole machine are not tight enough. The outside air is sucked in to increase the circulation pressure so that the grinding machine In the negative pressure state of work, the increase of the air flow through the exhaust duct into the dust collector, after being purified into the atmosphere.


The second part, about chilli grinder machine installation:


In the installation process, it is generally first chili grinder body installed in the rack, and then followed by the feed hopper, hopper installed, and to ensure that all the screws fastened well. Then install the motor, the motor wheel and the machine wheel in the same plane, with a moderate degree of elastic belt.


In the process of installing pepper grinder, we must also check the connection of each line is good, the working voltage is stable. Chili grinder internal turntable fastening, scalloped, flat tooth tighten, and the spindle can be flexible rotation, empty machine running for several minutes without abnormal sound, before feeding work.

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