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Chinese herbal medicine mill working principle and purpose
Jan 16, 2018

The unit is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. With air-cooled, no screen and other properties, it is not subject to material viscosity, hardness and fiber restrictions, for any material can play a better crushing effect. Especially suitable for crushing Chinese herbal medicine with fiber, with certain oily materials.

working principle

The machine consists of hopper, grading wheel, grinding blade, ring gear, grinding motor, discharge port, fan, collecting box, vacuum box and other components, the material from the hopper into the crushing chamber, high-speed rotating blade Crushing, adjusting the distance between the grading wheel and the grading plate to achieve the required material fineness. The high-speed rotating blades guide the material that meets the requirements from the crushing chamber to the container box, and the materials that do not meet the requirements continue to be crushed in the crushing chamber Pulverized, dust generated by the dust collection box bag collection, the machine according to "GMP" standard design, simple structure, easy operation and clean, low noise, high output, the machine is made of stainless steel, grinding process without dust flying

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