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Commercial mill grinder have the purpose and efficiency of crushing
Nov 23, 2018

The commercial mill grinder is operated after the material has been pulverized to the required particle size. When the operation is carried out, the hopper is directly sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then the vibrating feeder is used to uniformly and continuously feed the material into the Raymond mill. In the main grinding chamber, due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring. The blade shovels the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, which is crushed by the rolling of the grinding roller.


The fine powder after the grinding of the commercial mill grinder is brought into the analysis machine with the circulating wind of the blower for sorting. The finely coarse material falls back to the regrind, and the qualified fine powder enters the finished cyclone collector with the airflow. The powder tube is discharged, which is the finished product. In the Raymond grinding room, there is a certain amount of moisture in the material to be ground, heat is generated during grinding, water vapor evaporates, and the pipelines of the whole machine are not tightly connected. The outside air is sucked in, so that the circulating air pressure is increased to ensure the mill is under negative pressure. Working in the state, the increased air flow is discharged into the dust remover through the residual air duct, and is purified and discharged into the atmosphere.


The commercial Mill Grinder has a larger processing capacity and higher efficiency in the unit grinding time. The total power is the same as that of the R-type pendulum mill. The output is increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is a truly energy efficient mill.

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