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Configuration and control methods of powder blender equipment
Oct 10, 2018

For powder packaging machines, powder agitator equipment occupies a very important position, a good agitator equipment structure can improve the measurement accuracy, and ensure the consistency of the measurement accuracy, so the design principle of the powder agitator equipment is to ensure the silo material The stack density is uniform and the material level is stable. At the same time, there is a configuration method and a control method.


There are three common types of powder blender equipment. The general standard is a single-sided configuration. There are two identical two-mode agitators in a bilaterally symmetric configuration, and two differently configured agitators in a symmetric configuration to satisfy the fluffy The material and stabilize the level of the material, which is the best way to configure the agitator.


The control method of the powder blender equipment can also be divided into three types. Continuous stirring is the most common method. After starting the stirring button, the agitator rotates all the time, which is suitable for most materials. It is also the fixed agitator working mode of most manufacturers. .


During the synchronous stirring process of the powder agitator equipment, when the main control feeding motor starts and stops, the stirring motor starts and stops synchronously. This method successfully solves the problem of material leakage in which the fluidity is very good. It is selected according to the material condition, and the measurement accuracy is improved, and the effect of reducing the leakage is very obvious. The powder agitator equipment can also be intermittently stirred, which is a regular start and stop according to the need, and the mixing start and stop interval time and running time can be set by the PLC.

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