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Correct operation of soybean tissue protein powder grinder
Jul 19, 2018

Soybean tissue protein powder grinder and power unit should be strong. If the machine is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if it is active, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron, and ensure the power machine. It is in the same reversal plane as the pulley groove of the soybean tissue protein powder grinder.


After the soybean tissue protein powder grinding machine is installed, check the fastening condition of each fastener and tighten it if loose. Together, check if the belt tightness is appropriate. Before starting, first change the rotor by hand to see if the teeth, hammer and rotor work can be sensitive and reliable, whether there is a bump in the shell, whether the rotation direction of the rotor can be in common with the direction indicated by the arrow, and the power machine and the grinder are smooth. Can you be outstanding?


Do not arbitrarily replace the pulley of the soy tissue protein powder grinder to prevent the blasting of the damage chamber from excessively high speed or the low speed affecting the working efficiency. Soybean tissue protein powder grinding machine should be idling for 2~3min after starting, and no feeding after the abnormal appearance.

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