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Deal with the strong vibration situation of the grinder
Jan 16, 2018

Common to the overhaul and initial installation of hammer mill in the trial operation of the body strong vibration. There are several main reasons for this situation:

(1) Overhaul assembly hammer installation error. When using the hammer to make a U-turn, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor from getting out of balance, all the hammers inside the shredder must be turned over together, otherwise the vibration will be violent during the operation.

(2) corresponds to the difference between two sets of hammer weight more than 5 grams. Exclusion method is to adjust the weight of the hammer so that the difference between the two groups of less than 5 grams of weight difference.

(3) individual hammer card is too tight, not thrown away. Rotation can be stopped after observation, think of ways to make the hammer rotating flexible.

(4) other parts of the rotor weight imbalance, then need to be carefully checked to adjust the balance.

(5) spindle bending deformation. The solution is to align or replace the inlet pump.

(6) bearing clearance exceeds the limit or damaged. Generally adopt the replacement of new bearings to solve the problem.

(7) The bottom corner fixing nut is not tight or loose in operation. The solution is to tighten.

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