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Design principle and discharging method of ribbon mixer
Aug 06, 2018

The ribbon mixer will follow the design principle when operating. The gap between the spiral belt and the housing in the equipment can be 4 mm to 10 mm. The material of the ribbon mixer can be frictionally driven to participate in the mixing. Due to the pulverization particle size and the friction coefficient of the material during operation, the materials of various components are mixed for different times, resulting in product non-uniformity.


The ribbon mixer needs to pay attention to the processing precision, so that the bottom gap can be reduced to about 3 mm, and the other is to adjust the position between the main shaft and the housing. The spiral belt and the shell can be adjusted frequently according to the amount of wear. The gap between the bodies. These two forms of product should be the best choice when choosing a mixer.


The ribbon mixer needs to pay attention to the way of discharging during operation. When the operation is performed, the supplier needs to communicate in time to select the valve form suitable for its own process. At the same time, do not select the discharge form of the side port. The reason is: when the mixer finishes mixing and mixing in the specified time, the uniformity of the material can be ensured once in the shortest time.

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