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Dry flour mixer machiner working principle and cleaning and maintenance
Oct 15, 2018

Thedry flour mixer machine is mainly composed of a mixing tank, a stirring hook, a transmission device, an electrical box, a machine base and the like. The spiral stirring hook is driven by the transmission device to rotate in the stirring cylinder, and the stirring cylinder is rotated at a constant speed by the transmission device, so that the stirring cylinder rotates at a constant speed. The flour in the cylinder is constantly pushed, pulled, smashed, pressed, fully stirred, and mixed quickly.


When using a dry flour mixer, pay attention to frequently check the fasteners of each component, if loose and timely tighten; the gear meshing area of the equipment is lubricated with grease, once every half month, there is powder metallurgy bearing bush in the bearing housing, each shift The oil cup on the housing must be filled twice.


When the flour mixer is used, the amount of flour should not exceed the capacity of the dough bucket; the machine should be cleaned in time after use to avoid affecting reuse. When cleaning the dry flour mixer, the height of the water in the dough bucket should not exceed the lowest point of the shaft to prevent water from overflowing from the shaft hole of the side panel of the drum or flowing into the side panel interlayer to affect the service life.

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