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Dry granulation granulation when the material is not normal how to deal with?
Jan 16, 2018

Dry granulation granulation fast, good effect, the design of a special hole filter, careful screening, the friction filter rod can be broken sieve solid particles, widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry. The machine can replace swinging granulator, is a new generation of particle equipment. Dry granulators are not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear purposes.

Dry granulator is a kind of rotary drum swing effect, through the wire screen can be wet powder raw materials into particles, the granulator can also be widely used as a smashing has become a block and become ready-made particles.

Powders used as wetting chemicals in chemical engineering are ground into granules which are dried to compact the tablets and to crush agglomerated or agglomerated clumps during storage and storage in the food industry For processing candy and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products, in other industries such as ceramics, plastics and other compounds into a molding particles.

Dry granulator before use to check the pressure roller lubrication, check whether the formula is too high crude fiber or other components is not conducive to granulation too high, adjust the formula or matching the appropriate aperture and compression ratio ring die. Dry granulation machine prone to plug in the production problems, because the material is too high water, this phenomenon mostly occurs in the just boot time, such a problem encountered before the first hydrophobic, dry granulation can be expected, preheat Ring mode, slowly add steam to quench temperature. Dry granulator pressure roller wear too much or the pressure roller does not turn; die gap, the host load capacity, feeding uniformity, other mechanical failure caused by the material is not normal.

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