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Dry load operation and self-processing of chili grinder machine
Nov 07, 2018

During the operation of the pepper grinder, the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and must not use the equipment beyond the performance. The sum of the parts and the grinding machine must not exceed 90% of the volume of the hopper. After the power is turned on, the air is running, and the operation should be smooth and there is no abnormal noise. Otherwise, stop the inspection. Before the workpiece is ground, the workpiece must be degreased and decontaminated.

In the process of self-processing of the chili grinder machine, it is necessary to add the amount of abrasive and control water according to the grinding condition of the workpiece. When the work is finished, the power is cut off, the equipment is cleaned, and the equipment maintenance work is done. Safety Operation Procedure Before starting the machine, check the fastening screws and check whether the rotation of the motor shaft is flexible. When the equipment is in operation, it should be stopped when it is found to be abnormal. Every 6 months, the grease fill of the bearing of the vibration motor or rotating shaft should be filled with lithium grease. When you get off work, you should turn off the power.

When the pepper grinder is running at an empty load, the main engine and the analysis machine are turned correctly, and the main engine empty load test operation is in accordance with the steering requirement, and the operation time is not less than 1 h. When the main engine is running at an empty load, the steel roller should be tightened with the steel wire rope to avoid contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. If the condition is unconditional, the grinding roller device can be removed. The main engine air load test should be stable, and the maximum temperature of the lubricating oil should not exceed 800c. The temperature rise must not exceed 400c. The size of the bevel gear of the analyzer should be smooth, no abnormal sound, and ensure the smooth flow of the oil.

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