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Dry powder blender operating procedures and mixer structure
Apr 28, 2018

During the operation of the dry powder blender, the material in the machine under the action of the blade has both a circular motion and an axial motion to a certain degree. During the operation, a convection stirring and a shear are generated according to the motion of the material. Stir and diffuse stirring.

Dry powder agitators are generally horizontal cylinders. The spirals on the inside and outside of the equipment will have a unique structure to a certain extent. In the process of operation, the process is very stable and reliable, with low noise and long service life. Easy maintenance, and a variety of mixer structure, versatile multi-purpose mixing equipment.

Dry powder blender operating procedures

1. Connect the dry powder blender to the power supply. Before mixing, wipe the stirring pan and stirring blade with a damp cloth.

2. Pour the weighed cement and standard sand into the mixing pot.

3. Start the machine, mix 5s slowly add water, add in 20s-30s.

4. Stop stirring for 180±5s since the machine was started.

5. Squeeze the adhesive sand sticking on the blade and remove the stirring pot.

6. After the operation is completed, the stirring blade and the stirring pot should be cleaned in time.

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