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Dry powder blending equipment introduction and technical advantages
Mar 09, 2018

Dry powder blending equipment has applications in various fields, such as the mixing of powders or granular materials in industries such as chemicals, food, medicine, feed, ceramics and metallurgy. The overall structure of the dry powder mixing equipment is reasonable, simple, and operation is closed. It is easy to enter and exit the material. Usually the cylinder is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. It is one of the basic equipments of many manufacturers.


A brief introduction of dry powder blending equipment:


At present, the more common dry powder mixing equipment is mainly horizontal U-type dry powder mixer, also called horizontal U-type dry powder mixer. In the actual operation process, the main work process of the equipment can be summarized as follows: After the components of different components are calculated according to the formula ratio, they enter the dry powder mixer, and the materials are mixed under the push of a ribbon spiral blade.


Under the action of the ribbon drive of the dry powder mixing device, the material can be pushed from one side to the other, while the inner ribbon moves the material in the opposite direction, and the inner layer material is rolled from the inside out after being pushed to one side. The outer material is pushed to the other side and rolled from outside to inside. In this way, the materials will permeate each other during the tumbling process and gradually mix. After repeated many times, the uniformly mixed material is finally discharged from the discharge door through the discharge control mechanism.


Second, the technical advantages of dry powder blending equipment


From the structural point of view, this type of dry powder mixing equipment is based on the traditional equipment in the past to add storage tanks, hoists and valve port filling machine. As a result, not only has the output of the equipment been effectively improved, but the labor intensity has also been reduced. And this kind of dry powder mixing equipment also has obvious energy-saving effect.

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