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Dry powder mixer installation and cleaning of the discharge mechanism
Apr 27, 2018

The dry powder mixer will effectively place its machinery in a smooth and well-placed machine and flat during the installation process. This will enable the equipment to run smoothly. The dry powder mixer must be refilled before use. Oil, and then carried out no-load operation, effectively check whether its fasteners are loose.

The dry powder mixing machine will effectively transfer its feeding port to the top. During the operation process, the feeding lid will be opened to feed. During the operation, the feeding amount must not exceed the specified volume, and then the feeding lid is closed and the machine is started to run. If abnormality is found, it must be stopped for inspection.

When the dry powder mixer is in operation, it mainly uses a variety of different materials through the cooperation, to a certain extent, the final output of its evenly mixed material, reasonable use and maintenance can improve the mixing machine's working efficiency, reduce unnecessary problems.

To a certain extent, the dry powder mixer needs to keep the discharging mechanism clean. The discharging mechanism needs to operate flexibly during the operation of the mixing machine. At this point, the cleaning of the discharging mechanism should be done at regular intervals, and the accumulated dust should be promptly removed. Residues prevent the normal operation of the machine.

Dry powder mixers need to do a good job of its lubricants, its equipment needs to operate regularly, its bearing wear is more severe, timely oiling to maintain the bearing lubrication function, can reduce the bearing wear, and then play a maintenance role on the hybrid machinery .

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