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Dust Cleaning Device and System Control of Spice Grinding Machine
Apr 19, 2018

Spice grinding machine is also known as high-speed grinding machine to a certain extent. In the production process, the abrasive cloth tape is mainly used, and the scraping rubber adopts a card lock design, so that the deformed scraping rubber can be adjusted and the grinding quality can be ensured. The precision grinding machine can be used for mechanical scraper and manual scraper grinding.

Spice grinding machine to a certain extent is the use of its special grinding wheel design, no pressure in the operation and the glue will not be deformed, no corrugated phenomenon, to ensure the accuracy of grinding. Grinding angle to meet the efficiency of a variety of special printing .

There will be dust cleaning equipment in the spice grinder, so that it can effectively reduce the industrial pollution to a certain extent, help the staff's health and equipment maintenance. The precision grinding machine is easy to operate and can be operated without professional technology.

The spice grinder is effectively controlled by its inorganic speed control system, so that the grinding speed suitable for grinding various components can be easily adjusted to a certain extent. The electro-pneumatic proportional valve closed loop feedback pressure control can independently regulate the pressure device. The slow down function is set on the upper plate to effectively prevent the cracking of the thin and crisp workpieces.

The spice grinder can effectively pass a time relay and a grinding calculator. During the operation, it can accurately set and control the grinding time and the number of grinding cycles according to the processing requirements. During the operation, the pressure mode can be adjusted to achieve the grinding setting. When the time or lap time, it will automatically stop the alarm prompts to achieve semi-automatic operation.

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