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Effects of Feeding Amount of Pelletizer Working Parts on Granulation
Jan 16, 2018

Pelletizer working parts feeding volume on the granulation effect, the amount of feeding and the feeding roller speed and roller size of the pitch, if you increase the roller speed, increase the roller distance, the feed Increasing the amount of hammer mill granulator production capacity increased; the other hand, reduce the amount of feed, hammer grinding granulator production capacity decreased. Feed volume is too large, made of coarse particles, and uneven, affecting the drying effect. Roller pitch is generally based on the speed and hardness of the rubber material to adjust, so that it is synchronized with the feed rate. The author through the research and analysis, feed roller (after the roller) line speed of 4.7m / s-5.6m / s is more appropriate, roller clearance adjustment in the 0.3-1.5mm range is more ideal. Wantong granulator

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