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Factors affecting the production efficiency of ultra fine grinding mill
Jul 20, 2018

The production efficiency of the ultra fine grinding mill is related to many factors. First, the water content of the material. To improve the efficiency, the moisture of the material must be appropriately reduced. When the hardness of the material increases, in order to fully grind the material, the roller pair The grinding pressure generated by the grinding ring will also increase accordingly.


Secondly, the current of the motor equipped with the ultra fine grinding mill cannot exceed the rated power of the maximum load. Otherwise, the current will be increased, the efficiency of the ultra-fine mill will naturally increase, and then a more powerful motor will be mounted. Since the production principle of the ultra-fine mill is to achieve the fine powder production of the material by the grinding action of the grinding roller on the grinding ring, the better the quality of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the more sufficient the production effect on the material.


The lining in the ultra fine grinding mill is mainly used to protect the cylinder from direct impact and friction of the abrasive body and material. Different types of linings can be used to adjust the grinding body in various positions in motion to achieve optimum grinding performance.

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