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Flour sieve machine structure design description
Dec 28, 2018

The flour sieve machine not only has a large processing capacity, but also can meet the requirements of 24-hour continuous production operations. The machine is mainly composed of dust cover, upper frame, middle frame, bottom frame, spring, grid, bouncing ball, punching plate, screen mesh, vibration motor, sealing ring (silica gel), bundle ring, base, etc. It is a special screening equipment specially designed for the starchy materials such as potato starch, corn starch, wheat starch, flour and other derivatives of starch materials.


The flour screen machine has excellent sealing design and is widely used for screening, impurity removal, loose materials, etc., no dust flying during work, and high screening precision. Moreover, due to the use of a clearing device such as a bouncing ball, the screen has a high net permeability, which is beneficial for cleaning the residual material on the screen.


In terms of materials, the overall structure and key components are mainly made of high-quality stainless steel. At the same time, the cleaning device and sealing device of the flour sieve machine are respectively made of silica gel and silicone ring, which meets the food-grade GMP standard. The discharge port can be adjusted freely by 360 degrees, which is convenient to connect with the site. Easy to split, easy to clean inside and outside, no sanitary corners.

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