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Food pulverizer machine operation methods and precautions
Mar 02, 2018

Food pulverizer machine can crush according to different materials, so as to achieve different fineness. In actual operation, the specific thickness can be adjusted, replace the sieve. In the use of the device, should be deployed in accordance with the provisions of the speed pulley. And the food grinder should be placed in a horizontal position to ensure the body's smooth, while ensuring the host rotation flexibility.


Remember, do not prematurely feed the food grinder before it starts, as this may cause the motor to become overloaded. When parking, you should release the handwheel first, and then stop to avoid causing malfunction. When adding the material for crushing, the thickness of the powder can be adjusted by adjusting the screw. It should be noted that before using the device, you should first check all the fasteners are tightened, the belt is tightened.


After the food pulverizer machine is started, the staff in the field should pay attention to check whether the running direction of the equipment main shaft matches the direction of the arrow shown on the protective cover, and the two should be consistent under normal conditions. Failure to do so may damage the machine and may result in personal injury. Before turning on the device, you also need to double-check the electrical integrity. And necessary

Check the machine crush indoor metal and other hard debris, otherwise it will damage the tool, affecting the operation of the machine.


As a user, before comminution, it is necessary to check the purity of the material to prevent the inclusion of hard objects such as metal, resulting in damage to the tool or burning. And the oil mill on the food grinder should always be injected with lubricating oil, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


Keep in mind that feeding should be stopped before turning off the food pulverizer. If you do not continue to use, but also need to promptly clean the internal residual material. In addition, the need to regularly check the food grinder tools and screen is intact, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.

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