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Full lubrication and assembly requirements for grain grinder machine
Nov 09, 2018

The tooth tip clearance of the grain grinder is one of the important assembly parameters of the gear transmission during operation. The regulations stipulate that the gap between the large and small cones is 7.5-8.5mm. In actual production, the equipment runs for a long time, the large gear ring gear Subject to stress and impact deformation, the original circular gradient is elliptical, so the tip clearance is even lower than 6mm. In the actual adjustment process, the tip clearance should be adjusted to 8.5-10mm to reduce the gap caused by the tip clearance. Impact, causing the gear teeth to break and break.

The insufficient tightening force of the large ring gear of the grain grinder machine is also one of the important reasons for its deformation. In the actual operation process, in addition to increasing the tightening force of the bolt, the large ring gear joint surface is connected by a 10 mm thick steel plate. The large fastening surface prevents deformation of the ring gear, ensures the angular velocity of the main and driven wheels to be consistent, and prevents the inertial force caused by the change of the transmission ratio, causing fatigue fracture.

The full lubrication of the drive shaft bearing of the grain grinder is also the main reason for ensuring its smooth operation. During the operation, the transmission is regularly and manually refueled. This can ensure that the bearing is sufficiently lubricated, but it is easy to cause the amount of lubricant. More or insufficient, it is recommended to use mechanical timing and quantitative scientific replenishment of grease to ensure proper lubrication of the bearing, reduce vibration, avoid bearing wear and rupture of the cage, and prolong life.

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