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Grading function and operation requirements of impact pulverizer machine
Aug 16, 2018

The impact pulverizer machine has its own independent operation. It has full function and compact structure during operation. The technical performance of the whole equipment is stable, the power consumption is high, the efficiency is high, the appearance is beautiful, the use is flexible, the adaptability is wide, and the crushing is not caused. It has the characteristics of adjusting powder fineness and easy maintenance, and it has ideal effect for pulverizing dry non-fibrous materials and minerals.

The product of the impact pulverizer machine is low in temperature and uniform in particle size. It is very suitable for the pulverization of heat-sensitive materials such as sugar, plastic powder and Chinese medicinal materials in the process of operation. The unit of the impact pulverizer will have the main machine, auxiliary machine, collecting pipeline and electricity. The control devices are a group.

There is a cyclone dust collector and a filter bag dust collector in the auxiliary machine of the impact mill. It can also be used separately for the user. The main unit is equipped with a centrifugal classifier. In addition to the crushing, it also has a grade. Function, wind-first centrifugal shearing, no sieve and no net, powdery particles can be adjusted arbitrarily. After the material is crushed, it is transported to the discharge valve outlet with negative pressure to meet the product requirements. It is widely used in chemical, dye, coating, medicine, More than fine crushing in different fields of food and other industries, the crushing and grading of materials until the finished product is in the same closed system, after dust removal treatment, no pollution, is the ideal equipment for environmental protection.

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