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Grinder common troubleshooting
Jan 16, 2018

1. Inlet anti-spout door improper regulation, the transmission pipeline blockage, sieve blockage, set powder bag is too short or poor ventilation, hammer facets serious wear and tear will cause the feed inlet anti-spray. When this phenomenon occurs, it should first find out the reason, and then take targeted measures to eliminate or regulate the throttle to clear the blockage, or swap flour bag, increase permeability, or replace the hammer.

2. Bearing overheating When bearing lubrication is poor, damaged or the spindle is bent, the rotor is seriously unbalanced and the belt overheat can overheat the bearing. By adding, changing the oil, replace the bearings, spindle, balance the rotor, adjust the belt tightness and other methods to make the bearing back to normal.

3. Shredder strong vibration The following reasons may cause shredder strong vibration: ① hammer installation arrangement is wrong; ② the corresponding two groups of hammer weight deviation is too large; ③ bearing damage or spindle bending; ④ feet connecting screws loose. If the arrangement of the hammer is wrong, it should be rearranged according to the instructions of the manual. If the weight deviation of the two groups of hammers is too large, the weight should be balanced so that the weight difference does not exceed 5g. If the bearing is damaged or the spindle is bent, ; If the foot connection screws loose, should be tightened.

4. There are different parts of the crusher within the mill disintegration, fall off, or a stone, iron and other hard objects into the machine, which will have different sound, should immediately stop checking, replace the damaged parts or remove the hard object o

5. Low production efficiency Low motor power, improper pulleys, belt slippage, severe wear and tear of the hammer, uneven feeding, or high raw material moisture levels are the main causes of low productivity. In case of any such situation, the corresponding measures may be taken to solve the problem or replace the motor or pulley to increase the speed but not exceed the rated working speed; or adjust the tightness of the belt or change the belt or replace the hammer. Feeding in the operation should be uniform, a small amount of fast plus, to maintain continuous and uniform; over-wet raw materials, should be dried and then crushed processing.

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