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Grinder maintenance ​
Jan 16, 2018

1, the production process, the bearings should always check the temperature rise, when the temperature rise over 50 ℃, should be shut down to check the cause and eliminate the fault.

2, when the new machine is running, the transmission belt easy to stretch, should pay attention to adjust the appropriate tightness of the belt to ensure the working life of the belt.

3, wearing parts to be checked frequently, timely replacement to ensure the production quality and production.

4, the blade, the liner should always check the wear and tear, if wear, the decline in productivity, coarse grain size found wear after replacement.

5, the host and grading mobile bearings are greased, with No. 2 special grease, degree 265-295.

6, the bearing grease period of 2,000 hours, the amount of grease filling the bearing cavity space 1/2 (on) or 3/4 (measured) must not be too much to fill the grease or it will cause the bearing temperature Too high.

7, spiral feeder grease for 4000 hours, plus ordinary calcium-based grease.

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