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Head and pelletizing system of high shear wet granulator machine
Jan 14, 2019

The high-shear wet granulator has different functional compositions. With HTG (Huttlin top drive granulator) and HBG (Huttlin bottom drive granulator), the high shear granulator can meet various needs. The benefits of the high shear wet granulator machine are reflected in the interior of each model. The bottom-loading Huttlin high-shear granulator is ideal for general use of fluidized bed dryers and granulation schemes. Top drive products can meet the most stringent requirements.

Head of high shear wet granulator machine

In order to maintain the extruded plastic, the high-shear wet granulator does not cause a decrease in temperature, and the fluidity is insufficient to hinder the extrusion. Specifically, a heating coil of a certain power is added outside the machine head to ensure normal and full discharge. And the discharge hole set on the machine head is parallel 15 hole type, which increases the discharge amount and increases the production speed. The machine head structure parallel extruder head, the thread is connected with the barrel, which can save time and effort when replacing the stencil.

Pelletizing system of high shear wet granulator machine

The high shear wet granulator machine strips are cooled by a cooling system and then fed into a pelletizer for rolling and granulating to facilitate packaging. A rolling feed wheel is arranged on the granulator, and the material is automatically transferred to the body by the motor, and the rolling blade inside the body is cut.

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