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Heating system and packaging requirements for fertilizer granulator machine
Dec 03, 2018

The heating system of the fertilizer granulator is mainly composed of a heating ring, which is distributed separately outside the barrel, uniformly heats and plasticizes the material in the barrel, and is controlled by the instrument on the electric cabinet to form an automatic adjustment of the set temperature. Variety. In order to achieve the stability of the temperature inside the barrel, a cooling fan is added to the bottom of the barrel, and the temperature is automatically controlled when the temperature is too high, which increases the temperature stability of the barrel.


The fertilizer granulator does not appear to keep the extruded plastic because the temperature is lowered, the fluidity is insufficient, and the extrusion is hindered. Specifically, a heating coil of a certain power is added outside the machine head to ensure normal and full discharge. And the discharge hole set on the machine head is parallel 15 hole type, which increases the discharge amount and increases the production speed. The machine head structure parallel extruder head, the thread is connected with the barrel, which can save time and effort when replacing the stencil.


The pelletizing system of the fertilizer granulator will pass through the cooling system and then enter the pelletizer to be rolled into pellets for convenient packaging. A rolling feed wheel is arranged on the granulator, and the material is automatically transferred to the body by the motor, and the rolling blade inside the body is cut.

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