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Herb grinding machine has good safety performance and wide application
Nov 16, 2018

The herb grinding machine has high fineness and high speed during the operation. The whole equipment adopts small ultra-high speed motor. The powerful power of the whole equipment guarantees the fineness and speed of the crushing. The herb grinding machine is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. Vibration, no need to fix, so that it can be used freely in any occasion.

The herb grinding machine has good safety performance, no dust and low loss during use, and is easy to clean during operation. The main type is intermittent pulverization, so the crushing chamber is fully sealed stainless steel tank structure, which ensures the above performance. Implementation.

Herbal grinding machines are widely used. Plant fiber, high hardness and high toughness materials, such as Chinese herbal medicines, inorganic materials and minerals, can achieve good pulverization effect.

The herb grinding machine has good handling performance, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily. Since the opening and closing operations can be performed at any time, the purpose of controlling the fineness is achieved by controlling the length of the pulverizing time.

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