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Herb pulverizer machine use advantages and application areas
Mar 31, 2018

In the process of using, the herbal grinder has the characteristics of low temperature, low noise, high efficiency, etc. The herbal grinder can effectively smash the dry brittle materials such as medicinal materials and chemical materials to some extent.

Herb pulverizer machines are widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to a certain degree. They have many properties and effects such as air-cooling and no screen when operating, and their equipment will not be affected by their material viscosity during operation. , fiber and hardness are limited.

herb pulverizer machine can play a good comminution effect on any material, and it is especially suitable for crushing Chinese herbal medicines with fiber and oily materials.

Advantages of Herb Pulverizer Machine

1. Herbal crusher is high in fineness and high speed in the process of operation. The model of this kind of equipment mainly adopts its small ultra-high speed motor and powerful power, so that it can guarantee the fineness of crushing and to a certain extent. speed.

2. The herbal grinder has a small size and light weight, and the structure of the device is compact and vibration-free, and it does not need to be fixed during the operation, so that it can be effectively used to a certain extent to ensure that it can be freely used in any occasion.

3. Herbal crusher has good safety performance, no dust, and low loss. It is very simple in the process of cleaning. In the process of production, this type of equipment belongs to intermittent smashing, so the crushing room is all The closed stainless steel tank structure ensures the above performance is achieved.

4. The scope of application of herbal powder mill is very wide, its equipment is the use of its vegetable fiber, the entire product of high hardness and high toughness materials, such as its inorganic materials, Chinese herbal medicines and minerals can achieve a good smash effect.

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