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High-speed crushing and material utilization of micro pulverizer machine
Apr 21, 2018

In the process of operation, the micro pulverizer machine is an outward-oriented high-speed crushing process. During the operation, the material directly enters the crushing chamber. In the process of production, the crushing hammer is used to obtain the ideal crushing effect. , Automatically enter the trapping bag, and the dust is recovered by the suction box through the bag.

In the process of production, the micro pulverizer machine will not have its dust flying, and it can, to a certain extent, increase the utilization of its materials and reduce the cost of the enterprise. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, conforms to the “GMP” standard, and is convenient for assembly, disassembly and cleaning of crushing chambers. It is a new generation of dust collection and crushing equipment that has long been sought in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Miniature crusher to a certain extent, combined with China's actual situation developed a successful crushing machinery. The unit has the advantages of stable technical performance, low noise, low power consumption, and high production efficiency. Compared with the domestic models, the unit can be arbitrarily adjusted in terms of fineness, low temperature rise, and is therefore particularly suitable for use in sugar and plastic powders. The shredding of heat sensitive materials such as traditional Chinese medicines.

The micro pulverizer machine is mainly composed of a micro-powder collecting device, a smashing host, and a powder conveying pipe. The host of the whole device is equipped with a wind-driven wind-level device, so that the product granularity can be arbitrarily adjustable and excessive smashing can be prevented. The pulverized powder is conveyed by the negative pressure to the cyclone and bag filter, and discharged through the discharge valve.

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