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How does a white pepper fine powder grinder smash various seasonings?
Sep 03, 2018

The white pepper fine powder grinder is mainly used in the crushing operation of various seasonings. In the course of use, the conditions of use, maintenance and repair specified by the manufacturer and the basic requirements for expected use should be strictly observed. The main working part of this white pepper fine powder grinder is the flat tooth mounted on the rotor. The tooth has the raw material for crushing various particles.


White pepper fine powder grinder is a kind of machine that uses high-speed rotating claws to crush materials. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fine product size, high working speed, easy installation, operation and maintenance. Economical crushing equipment used.


The white pepper fine powder grinding machine is mainly composed of an upper body, a cover, a rotor assembly, a sieve piece, a feeding device, a frame, and the like, and the body and the rotor assembly together form a grinding chamber, and the rotor assembly is a main component. The crushing of the material is completed in the grinding chamber.


During work, the processed material enters the grinding chamber of the white pepper fine powder grinder from the hopper, is broken by the high-speed rotating working part, and changes the moving direction of the material, because the high-speed rotating working part destroys the material layer. The sedimentation property, therefore, the material moves with the rotor. During this process, the particles are repeatedly subjected to collision between the working part and the body and collision between the particles, friction, and thus the concrete is gradually pulverized to a geometric diameter smaller than the mesh diameter, in the centrifugal force and the air flow. Under the action of the pulverized material, it is discharged from the discharge port through the sieve hole leakage chamber.

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