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How To Use The Pulverizer Machine For Spices Correctly
Mar 29, 2018

The first aspect: The pulverizer machine for spices and power unit should be firmly installed. If the mill is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement foundation.If the pulverizer is a mobile operation, the unit should be installed on a seat made of angle iron. And ensure that the power engine (diesel engine or motor) and crusher pulley groove in the same rotary plane.

The second aspect: After the spice pulverizer is installed, check the fastening condition of each part of fastener, if there is loosening, tighten it. At the same time, check whether the fastening degree of belt is suitable.

The third aspect: Before the pulverizer machine for spices starts, turn the rotor by hand, check whether the claw, the hammer and the rotor are flexible and reliable, whether there is collision in the shell, and whether the rotation direction of the rotor is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow of the machine. Power engine and pulverizer lubrication is good or not.

The fourth aspect: Don’t replace the pulley casually, to prevent the high speed of grinding chamber explosion, or too low speed to affect the efficiency of the mill.

The fifth aspect: The universal crusher should be idled for 2 minutes after starting, and then feed after no abnormal phenomenon.

The sixth aspect: We should pay attention to the operation of the grinder at any time, the feeding should be uniform and not be overloaded for a long time. If there is vibration, noise, excessive temperature of the bearing and the body, injection of materials, etc., we should stop and check immediately. Troubleshooting before continuing work.

Through the pulverizer machine for spices introduction of the above six aspects, I hope to help you!

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