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Impact Pulverizer Machine Construction and Use Features
Jun 08, 2018

Impact pulverizer machine is a kind of pulverizer. It uses a rotating body that rotates at a high speed around a horizontal or vertical axis to violently impact the material, causing it to collide with a fixed body or impact collision between particles, thereby crushing the material. A kind of ultrafine grinding equipment. What are the differences in the structure and function of such smashing equipment?


From a structural point of view, the impact crusher is mainly composed of two parts: crushing and grading. The crushing part is composed of two rows of rotors. Each row of rotor is evenly distributed with 12 hammer heads, and its peripheral speed reaches 100m. /s, has a very small impact channel; and the gap between the periphery of each row of hammers and the stator is different, and plays a role in two-stage crushing. Therefore, a high impact probability can be obtained.


At the same time, the shape and roughness of the hammer head and inner lining in the impact crusher can meet the basic conditions for high-speed impact superfine crushing, and it has the mechanism of shock and air flow flutter crushing, thus ensuring the effect of ultra-fine crushing. In material selection, the hammerhead is made of hard alloy material, and the inner lining is treated by spraying to make it have a certain roughness, which improves the service life and wear resistance.


The inner surface of the lining plate of the impact pulverizer machine is arc-shaped, so that the inclination angles of the particles on the inner surface are different, so as to satisfy the crushing of particles of different sizes. The crushing and grading of the impact pulverizer adopts an inline structure to form a closed circuit system, which not only simplifies the process layout, but also avoids the phenomenon of over-crushing, and achieves the characteristics of small internal resistance of the dust-containing fluid and high energy and space utilization.


The impact crusher adopts multi-stage sorting to ensure the homogeneity and classification accuracy of the finished product. Since the guide cone is installed in the upper chamber of the crushing chamber and is equipped with a lifting tube, the upper surface of the rotor disk and the lifting tube can be adjusted. The distance along the opening controls the passage and direction of the airflow.


This type of cross-cut air flow classification not only achieves the optional function of the crushing chamber and achieves the purpose of initial sorting; but also, after a certain length of the feed tube, due to the different gravity settling speeds of the particles, countercurrent balancing classification can be performed. The coarse particles mixed in the updraft are sorted out.


After the material enters the classifier chamber of the impact pulverizer machine, the cross-section of the chamber suddenly increases and the velocity of the gas flow decreases, forming a shot-settling separation effect. The graded turbine rotor functions as a centrifugal grader, changing its rotational speed to control the final particle size and distribution of the product.

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