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Impact Pulverizer Machine Operation and Forced Ventilation
Jul 11, 2018

The impact pulverizer machine has two kinds of pulverizing chambers in parallel during the operation, so that the pulverizing effect of one machine and two stages can be effectively achieved. The worm in the first pulverizing chamber of the impact pulverizer machine is smaller than the diameter of the rotor. The rotor diameter of the second pulverization chamber is a radial blade, and the longitudinal angle of the No. 1 rotor blade in each pulverization chamber and the main shaft is about 5.

The impact pulverizing machine is effectively fixed on the impeller with a high hardness and a replaceable blade made of alloy. The pulverizing chamber cylinders are parallel and have a slight gap therebetween, and during the operation, the first pulverizing chamber and the second Between the pulverization chambers, the second pulverization chamber and the fan chamber are separated by an adjustment ring. The two sets of blades respectively smash the material by impact, grinding, shearing and colliding action of the collision.

The inside of the impact pulverizer can be forcedly ventilated. It can be used for grading and diffusing heat during operation. The machine is equipped with a slagging system. During the operation of the machine, it can remove debris and residual grindstones in the machine. It is beneficial to improve product quality, ensure normal production capacity and reduce wear. The particle size of public products can be adjusted by air volume inside the machine, cone between the cone and the blade.

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