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Loading and unloading operations and storage requirements for material conveyor systems
May 04, 2018

In the process of operation, the material conveyor systems mainly uses an air compressor to effectively provide its compressed air pressure to its kinetic energy to a certain extent, and to a certain extent, it will carry powdery materials for its complicated movement. Makes the position of the material particles change constantly.

The material conveyor systems achieves its purpose of transportation and uniform mixing. This technology has been widely used both at home and abroad. It has equipped nearly 1,000 marine engineering vessels and cementing bulk cement stations distributed throughout the world.

In the loading operation of the material conveying system, the bulk material is directly sent to the bulk ash tank for storage by the onshore base station or compressed air from the offshore platform. The unloading operation is performed using the ship's own compressor. The material in the tank is delivered to the offshore platform.

The bulk material tank of the material conveyor systems will have its specially designed tank bottom and vulcanization device to a certain extent. During operation, the material in the tank can be fully vulcanized and discharged from the discharge pipe. The on-board compressor not only provides a power source for the entire process, but also has the function of blowing and compressed air.

The organic integration of the equipments of the material conveyor systems will be effectively connected to a complete working system due to its different process piping, sensors, valves and meters. The process piping is mainly composed of feed pipe, discharge pipe, vent pipe, air supply pipe, safety valve discharge pipe, and boost pipe.

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