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Main advantages of Turmeric Grinding Machine and system control
Jul 04, 2018

The main advantage of the Turmeric Grinding Machine in the process of operation is the high precision of processing and the wide range of processing materials. The Turmeric Grinding Machine solves the shortcomings of traditional grinding to a certain extent and effectively improves it to a certain extent. The level of grinding technology effectively guarantees the grinding processing precision and processing quality, and also significantly reduces the processing cost, improves the processing efficiency, makes the grinding technology further practical, facilitates the promotion and application of the grinding technology, and promotes the precision processing technology in China.


The Turmeric Grinding Machine is controlled by a step less speed control system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed of various grinding parts to a certain extent. The closed-loop feedback pressure control of the electro-pneumatic proportional valve can independently control the pressure device. The descending function is set on the upper plate to effectively prevent the breakage of the crisp work piece.


The Turmeric Grinding Machine can be used to accurately set and control the grinding time and number of grinding laps according to its processing requirements through a relay and grinding calculator. The working time can be adjusted to achieve the grinding setting time or circle. At the speed, the alarm prompt will be automatically stopped to achieve semi-automatic operation.

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