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Main components and operating characteristics of electric wheat grinder
Dec 14, 2018

Electric wheat pulverizer is specially used to quickly pulverize wheat, corn and other items, and can quickly smash samples and meet the requirements of pre-treatment. The electric wheat pulverizer consists of four systems: power, feeding, milling and discharging; the power system consists of motor, pulley, V-belt, spindle pulley and spindle; the feeding system consists of hopper, plate and automatic feeding. Feeding pipe; the grinding system is composed of a grinding body and a frame; the discharging port is composed of a feeding air pipe, a Shakron, and a receiving belt.


In actual production, the electric wheat pulverizer can realize continuous feeding production with fast feeding and no screen. The pulverized sample meets the pre-treatment requirements for wheat whole wheat flour gluten determination. Provide standard powder samples for landing values, gluten parameters, viscosity values and various biochemical indicators.


This series of electric wheat pulverizers adopts a unique structural design, which can effectively reduce sample loss and increase the powder extraction rate. Coupled with a closed touch switch to prevent dust pollution and improve reliability. Moreover, the content of protein, fat and the like are not lost during the pulverization process.

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