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Material conveyor systems unloading process and storage requirements
Mar 24, 2018

In the process of using the material conveying system, the pressure energy of the compressed air provided by the effective amount of the air compressor is used as the kinetic energy, and to a certain degree, it will carry the powdery material to perform complex motion, which will cause the position of the particles of the material to be continuously Changes have occurred to achieve the desired delivery goals and to achieve a homogeneous mix.

The material conveying systems can be effectively divided into loading operations and unloading operations during the operation process, in which the loading operations are directly sent to the bulk material ash tank for storage by the onshore shore station or the compressed air of the offshore platform.

During the process of unloading, the material conveying system will enable the ship's free compressor to transport the material in its tank to the offshore platform. The bulk material tank has a specially designed tank bottom and fluidization device, which can make the material in the tank. Fully fluidized and discharged from the discharge pipe. The on-board compressor not only provides the power source for the entire process, but also helps both the blowing and compressed air sweeping functions.

The equipment of the material conveying systems will be organically combined, and various operating circuits, sensors, meters, valves and the like will be effectively connected into a complete working system during operation. The process piping is mainly composed of feed pipe, discharge pipe, vent pipe, air supply pipe, safety valve discharge pipe, and boost pipe.

The material conveying system will effectively install corresponding electronically-controlled pneumatic valves and electronically-controlled proportional valves on each pipeline. The remote control system arranged on the rear bridge can monitor and control the operation of each equipment.

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