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Method for visual inspection of spiral Ribbon Blender Mixer and cooling process
Jul 12, 2018

The Ribbon Blender Mixer can effectively keep the motor and the equipment during operation, so that it can effectively prevent the overload. When the load is too large and the stall occurs during operation, the working fluid is ejected from the fusible plug to work. The machine and load are disconnected, so that the motor and equipment are not damaged during starting and overloading. The difference in rotational speed due to the impact during operation is relieved by the coupling.


The method of visual inspection of a Ribbon Blender Mixer is, to a certain extent, a qualitative visual method in which the carbon black can be evaluated by comparing the observed sample incision with a standard set of photographs. The level of dispersion, the results are expressed by numerical values.


The powder material of the Ribbon Blender Mixer is mainly in the form of pneumatic large opening door structure, which has the advantages of quick discharge and no residual to some extent; manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve is adopted for high-fine material or semi-fluid material. A heating or cooling jacket can be configured. The heating method is electric heating and heat conduction oil heating.


The cooling process of the Ribbon Blender Mixer can directly inject cooling water into the jacket to a certain extent, and the heat exchange area of the jacket is large and the cooling speed is fast. The small model mixer adopts the direct connection mode of the reducer, which has simple structure, high operation reliability and convenient maintenance. The large-type mixer uses a pulley to drive the cycloid reducer, and the elastic connection of the belt drive has the advantage of protecting the transmission components during overload.

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