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Mixing process and scope of double ribbon mixer
Sep 07, 2018

The double ribbon mixer is suitable for operation in normal pressure operation. When working, there is a direct drive to drive the equipment. The special torque control coupling can start the machine under full load to prevent overload. danger.


Compared with other mixing equipment, the double ribbon mixer has a fast mixing speed, and it takes about ten minutes for the powder to be mixed. The motor drives the ribbon stirring mechanism to rotate by the speed reducer, on the one hand, the material moves up and down, and on the other hand, the material has internal and external convection due to the characteristic advantages of the threaded rod, so as to achieve the purpose of thorough mixing.


The double ribbon mixer has three kinds of manual double-belt mixer, electric double ribbon mixer and pneumatic double ribbon mixer for users to choose from, mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, plastic, pigment, Mixing powdered and granulated materials in industries such as cosmetics and feed additives.

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