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Mung bean powder Making machine has high particle strength and compact structure
Jul 07, 2018

In the process of making mung bean powder Making  machine, it mainly consists of hopper, barrel, screw feeding section, screw compaction section, rotary cutter, template, pressure plate, frame, bearing system, transmission system and electrical control system. After the powdery material of the mung bean powder making machine and the binder are kneaded, it is effectively passed through the hopper into the granulator.


The mung bean powder Making  opportunity is effectively extruded by the screw compaction section to form particles, and the particle shape is columnar or strip-shaped. And with the characteristics of the user's materials, with forced feeding and particle cutting device. The machine can be widely used in powder granulation in medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, food, catalyst, chemical and other industries.


The mung bean powder Making  machine is compact in structure and easy to operate. To a certain extent, it mainly uses its standard cycloidal pin wheel or planetary gear reducer, and the output torque is large. According to the customer's requirements, the fixed speed output can be used, or Stepless speed regulation such as frequency conversion speed regulation, electromagnetic speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation, etc.


The mung bean powder Making  machine has a uniform pressing force and high particle strength, and can effectively change the particle size through the template exchange during operation. The entire device has a wide application range, and the wearing parts are easy to replace and easy to clean.

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