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Operation precautions of pulverizer machine for powder
Apr 04, 2018

In the process of operation, the powder pulverizer mainly utilizes the high-speed rotary impact of the crusher blade to effectively achieve the general pulverization of the dry material. The pulverizer is mainly used to crush, crush, and height the crusher during the manufacturing process. Motor and other components.

The pulverizer machine for powder opportunity effectively uses its ultra-high-speed single-phase motor as its power, and the entire device can rapidly crush various soft and hard medicinal materials. In the process of operation, the Chinese herbal medicines generally need only half a minute to crush into 50-200. Purpose powder.

Preparation of pulverizer machine for powder before work

1. The powder pulverizer shuts the dust collector door to a certain extent, closes the feeding jaws during operation, and then tightens the main grinding cover to clean the environment.

Powder crusher operating procedures

1. Place the master switch board to the manual position.

2. Start the draft fan button (green).

3. Start the rotary screen button (green) under normal induction fan current.

4. Start the ejector button (green).

5. Start the sub mill button (green).

6. Start the main mill button (green).

7. Start the feed button (green) after the main motor current is normal.

pulverizer machine for powder precautions

1. The powder crusher needs emergency stop at the time of failure. The main switch board is set to "0", and the whole system stops working.

2. If the powder crusher has an emergency stop, its toner chamber still contains materials. In such cases, when it needs to be turned on again, it needs to be powered on in accordance with the following sequence: auxiliary grinding, rotating screen, and discharging machine. Main grinder, induced draft fan, feeder.

3. After the powder crusher is turned on, pay attention to whether there is pulse and gas source.

4. The secondary mill of the powder crusher is not allowed to arbitrarily move after being frequency-converted.

5. After the powder mill feed is turned on, the speed can be adjusted.

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